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Don't answer your iPhone

May 2019

Apple warns iPhone users

do not answer calls from ‘Apple Support’

call ‘Apple Support’ when you need help

scammers employ caller-ID spoofing techniques so as to impersonate the real telephone number of the service they claim to be representing.

iPhone users have been warned not to answer calls from Apple unless they have specifically requested one using the official Apple online support page

Facebook Advice

December 2017

Hacked vs. Cloned (or Spoofed)

Please carefully distinguish between two terms:

Hacked means that someone logged into your account (and possibly modified its content). An appropriate response is to change your password.

Cloned or Spoofed means that someone copied its publicly visible features (profile and cover photos, intro, biography and birthday) to create a phony account in your name.
An appropriate response is to (1) report the phony account to Facebook mangement so they can take it down and (2) hide your list of friends from public view.

10 Years Ago:

November 2017

Ten Years Ago...

"the state of spam, malware, and phishing scams

Computer viruses have been around almost as long as there have been computers.
But these days, writing malware is no longer exclusively the domain of a few socially maladjusted computer nerds.
What was once primarily an intellectual exercise is now seriously big business."

7 Ways

December 2016

Something to think about for the new year...

"One of the most significant impressions we can make is by doing what we can as individuals to make the world a better place.

If everyone endevored to achieve this goal, our world would be transformed. "

iPhone Concierge

September 2015

It is nice to see my on site support business model being confirmed

by Former Apple Retail Chief. Support is needed at your your homes and offices.

I have learned devices work differently at home than at the store.

Bending iPhones

September 2014

The new iPhones are larger and thinner. Some people have managed to bend them

Read what lab tests say about the force required to bend. I know from experience.

My iPhone5 was bent in a mtb crash. I had to take the screen off and straighten it.

New Web Site

February 2014

My previous site was designed using Apple iWeb. Apple discontinued the product. I have had to create a new website using different methods.

What I have chosen are templates from the internet as a way to experiment with web design.

Under construction.

Why good deeds don’t go unpunished...

Written by Saturday, July 6, 2013

From an early age, we are taught that cooperation, generosity, and altruism are generally things we should strive for. But altruistic acts aren’t always lauded, and researchers have found that...